About us

Who are we?

ARK is on a mission to drive efficiency, boost productivity, and improve experiences with customers and employees of our clients alike.


What do we do?

Security. Accuracy. Efficiency.

Employee satisfaction both in and out of the office is critical. Through secure, ethical, and accurate implementation of artificial intelligence, we are helping redefine the world of work and driving efficiency so employees can lead happier, purposeful, and more productive lives.


How do we do it?

Tailored Applications that fit your need

We are committed to being the safest and most ethical choice for our client’s enterprise AI applications.

We carefully build and configure your tailored digital employee to be the ideal fit, including personality and persona, for your team and your culture. Through an extensive tuning process, we help it exceed your clients’ and employees’ expectations.

Technology Implementation

We have three decades of experience implementing novel technologies. We have learned that focusing on the long-term success of your company and your team's buy-in is the key.

By working with ARK we will share our proven practices in authoring your long-term roadmap and incorporating the pillars of AI to ensure early wins and your team's support and their contribution in the journey of improving their careers, your clients' experiences, and contributing to your bottom line.

We are a learning organization

Who we were yesterday is not who we are capable of being today. We can help translate this to your operation, making your teams stronger and more effective.

Our Team

Ben Lytle


Attorney, Founder and CEO of 7 companies, including 2 NYSE companies (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and Acordia). Extensive Board and Investor Experience across 11 public and 9 private companies spanning IT, Healthcare, Law, and Public Service.

Notably, served as Chair of State Healthcare Commission and on the Presidential Healthcare Commission Author of the Potentialist Book Series Co-creating one of the nation’s largest exercise programs, Silver Sneakers, with a 450% return on invested capital in just two years. Co-founder of successful ventures with sons who are now recognized CEO Entrepreneurs.


Rob Cain


20 years of Chief Executive and Board member experience in both industrial and SaaS-based businesses.

Average 300% EBITDA growth in 19 months across 2 publicly traded SaaS companies and 1 privately held capital equipment company, including
Adept Robotics.

Four successful buy side & four successful sale side transactions and one IPO.


Andy Axelrod

VP, Operations & Customer Success

Sales, Marketing, and Operations executive with extensive experience in retail and automotive, delivering custom tech-based solutions to drive sales and efficiency.

Experienced in managing product teams, call center operations, multi-tier marketing and CX strategy, sales training, and data analytics.


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