The Ark Project

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Creating Journals

There are three types of journals that may be uploaded to the Ark Project. These are video journals, text journals, and scan journals. All types of journals are made searchable and contribute their contents to your Legacy. All journal types should be in first-person and in the original words of the Legacy owner.

All types of journals may be reached from the "Journal" section in the header.

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Video Journals

Video journals allow you to record yourself in a very free-form environment. In order to record video journals, you must have a webcam and microphone connected to your computer. Please see the Setting up your Media guide for more information.

Saving a video journal

When saving a video journal, you have the chance to give the journal a title and control who, out of your relations, may access it. See Managing Relations.

Video journals have no time limit. The only person who appears in video journals on a Legacy should be the Legacy owner, or the Legacy may pick up on memories or experiences that aren't faithful to its owner.

Text Journals

Sample text journal

Text journals may be written with the text journal editor. Various formatting may be applied to the journals, and they may even include images!

Just like Video Journals, there is no limit to the length of a text journal. Feel free to structure your journal however is most effective for you. You may also control who can see your entries in the same was as a video journal. See Managing Relations.

Scan Journals

Uploading a scan journal

Scan journals allow you to upload written diaries and journals from years' past to preserve as part of your Legacy. In order to upload a scanned diary, you must already have a PDF copy of the document on your computer.

You may upload multiple PDF documents at once - in case your journal was split into multiple pages. This means you may upload as many journal entries in a row as you want. However for best results, each individual journal entry should be uploaded as a separate scanned journal.

Some PDF documents may be encrypted or locked behind a password - these documents can't be uploaded to Ark at this time.

You may control who has access to your scan journals, just like you can with text and video journals. See Managing Relations.