The Ark Project

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Improving your Alter Ego

Your Alter Ego is based on the contents you add to your Legacy. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to recreate a real human being in a believable manner. Because of this, the more data that you add to your Legacy, the more accurate your Alter Ego becomes.


Ark QandA

The best way to add data is to complete self-guided Q&A sessions from your main Legacy dashboard. These questions ask a lot about your life, memories, and experiences. These questions aren't required, but completing them may lead to a huge boost for your Alter Ego. More questions are coming soon, so check back often for more opportunities to expand your Legacy!


Ark Readouts

Additionally, completing the voice read-outs, also accessed from your Legacy dashboard, will allow the Ark to learn how you speak - so we may generate an accurate voice for your Legacy.


Journal dashboard

Lastly, the easiest way to flesh out your Legacy (and thus, your Alter Ego) is to use the Ark Project to journal. Video journals, text journals, and scanned journals all contribute their contents to your Legacy and help preserve your memories and wisdom. The more journals you put into the system, the more robust your Legacy becomes.