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ARK's digital employees can be built for almost any industry or sector. Our technology allows us to digitize almost any information, craft the exact personality needed for the role while speaking your customers language for the application you wish to scale.


Healthcare is an estimated $4 Trillion market in the United States alone, with an estimated $300 Billion administrative expense mostly in repetitive, labor-intensive processes. ARK's digital employees can both help reduce these labor costs and enable higher levels of service simultaneously.

Picture this: your patients can suddenly speak with their doctor or nurse anytime, day or night, weekend or holiday with zero hold time. That's part of what ARK's digital employee base can do for you.

We are focusing in two ways in the front office:

Patient Engagement
To help aid patients in following post-visit care instructions, ARK's digital employee can remind them to take medications, follow regimens, attend follow-up appointments, and much more. These tasks can be completed at any time-of-day based on each patient's needs, allowing follow up to occur at times your offices may be closed, with unlimited reach.

Eliminate errors and need for additional administrative presence during consultations. Your digital employee can transcribe and upload visit data to your patient's profile.

We are focusing in three ways in the back office environment:

Prior Authorization
In 2021, physicians submitted more than 35 million prior authorization requests to Medicare Advantage payors, of which 2 million were denied. This is a routine process that is a direct target for AI boosting your team's productivity.

The medical coding market in the U.S. is worth around $21B, comprising about 35,000 medical coders. Despite all that labor, almost $20B of revenue is lost by U.S. hospitals annually due to coding errors. We view this as another routine task that can be executed at a much higher rate by a tailored digital employee.

Revenue Cycle Management
11% of all healthcare insurance claims were denied in 2022. We believe a digital employee can handle the billing process itself and remove this waste and overhead for your business.


ARK's conversational generative AI solution is helping the education sector better prepare its instructors and students for higher-level bespoke learning experiences.

Students can now learn from a digital instructor in their language, in a private setting, affording them the time to learn at their own pace. Schools can now increase class size, instruct at a deeper level, and provide a custom-tailored experience for each student.

With ARK's digital employee, students can work with an instructor on-demand, with the flexibility to learn in their preferred language 24/7.

ARK's digital employees can manage many administrative tasks allowing professionals to focus on value-added work. This includes helping fine-tune lectures and presentations or even coaching professors on a given topic.


In the rapidly evolving insurance landscape, ARK is your strategic AI partner for enterprise-wide transformation.

With labor shortages affecting customer experience, policy handling, and administration, ARK's digital employee provides your members and beneficiaries with many solutions they need 24/7.

Members dealing with theft, property damage, or auto accidents can rely on ARK for seamless assistance 24/7.

ARK helps members report incidents, file claims, update policies, and more, enhancing their overall experience.

ARK streamlines life insurance processes, helping members establish new plans, reinstate lapsed policies, and file both life and AD&D claims.

ARK can ease the administrative burden for members during challenging times, enhancing the overall efficiency, and the members' experience.

ARK is your strategic AI partner for enterprise-wide transformation. We tailor-make your digital employee and be your partner for AI implementation in your business for immediate and long-term results, ensuring your team's buy-in and support as we improve the quality of their jobs and the level of service your clients enjoy.

Real Estate

Unlock your true potential with dynamic digital employees.

Initial conversations with a digital employee enables real estate agents to understand Prospects’ needs, enabling more informed discussions and decisions.

Allow real estate agents to focus on qualified prospects and complex tasks such as negotiating deals, conducting property viewings, etc.

Our dynamic digital employees gather data and generate analytics reports on customer interactions, engagement patterns, and conversion rates to gain valuable insights.

Give your agents the ability to scale and lead their agency with an always-on coach, tailored to your company’s culture. This helps agents and employees be instructed at their own pace, 24/7.


Professional coaching is often needed by employees of all
levels within organizations. Let ARK build digital coaches specific to your needs, whether for a C-Suite executive to refine their leadership skills or to coach a rising star and bring them along their career path to taking a leadership role, we can build it.

The coaches we build for you will provide a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for the individual. The coach can also help them understand their current competencies, see how they’re perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals.

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