The advanced AI platform designed to create ideal digital employees.

ARK's patent-pending technology allows us to create a safe, reliable, always-on digital employee with the ideal personality for your business.

Our digital employee never forgets, speaks your customers' languages and can scale limitlessly.

We enable your team to focus on value-add work by handling some of their routine tasks.

Natural Generative AI

Almost any industry

Nearly any routine task

Tailored for your needs

Our 5-step process:

Assess needs

Specify the job duties, content, and persona.

Build a model

Design digital employee according to specifications.

Configure & Test

Test functionality, evaluate performance, and make necessary adjustments.


Configure your digital employee to your business per your specification.

Measure continuously & enhance

Keep adding to the digital employee's workload.

Performance review on demand.

Track your integration's productivity, workload, and ROI at any time using our report card.

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